Local Employment Services (LES)

Local Employment Services (LES)

The Dublin 12 (D12) & Dublin South City (DSC) Local Employment Services are community-based organisations set up under the Dublin South City Partnership and funded through the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.


We provide a free, confidential service for the local community focusing on the provision of practical support, advice, guidance and information relating to employment, training and education.


DSC and D12 are part of a national network that is state funded and provides a free local, quality recruitment service that aims to bridge existing labour market services and to develop working relationships with local companies.

Commitment to Quality

The Dublin South City Partnership’s Local Employment Services designed a quality management system to ensure that the organisation provides a premium level of quality in its services. This also complies with Q Mark standards. The Local Employment Services are committed to focusing on quality services that fully satisfies customer and service expectations in relation to:

  • Assisting clients who register with the service to find suitable and appropriate employment.  This will include the provision of accurate information, suitable advice, support and relevant progression opportunities.
  • Assisting employers to find suitable people to fill the job vacancies which they place with the service, as well as providing relevant information and training where possible.
  • Working with employees to increase their skills base for the benefit of their own role and that of the service as a whole.
  • Developing and maintaining a management system that facilitates the delivery of professional and customer centered services.
  • The service will review performance and set measurable and specific objectives with the aim of improving the service.
  • Review this quality policy annually, to ensure continual relevance. 
  • Local Employment Services regard quality as the responsibility of all individuals working within the organisation.  

Commitment to Quality

Dublin South City Partnership is a local development organisation set up to address issues of poverty and social exclusion in the Dublin South City area. The partnership works in the communities of Dublin 4, 6, 6W, 8 & 12.


This customer charter sets out the standards you can expect when dealing with Dublin South City Partnership. When we use the word ‘customer’, we mean- the different agencies and groups we work with, be they statutory, community or voluntary; all individuals that contact us in connection with our work; all individuals and organisations who provide services to us. This charter does not affect your statutory rights.

Service Standards

  • DSCP is committed to treating you /your organisation equally and that means in a considerate, courteous and respectful manner
  • DSCP will endeavour to meet your specific needs in our dealings with you, such as your need for accessibility 
  • We will treat you/your organisation fairly and without any discrimination.
  • In our dealings with you we will be efficient and effective
  • If you contact us or visit any of our offices we will respect your privacy and as required, deal with you in a confidential manner
  • When you call or telephone our offices, we will deal with you as quickly as possible and answer your queries in a polite and friendly manner 

Comments & Complaints

While we are committed to a high standard of service delivery, there may be times when you see ways in which we can do it better. There may also be times when you are unhappy with the way you have been treated by us. We welcome your feedback and would like to hear any suggestions, comments or complaints about the service you receive

Services to Jobseekers

LES Jobseekers

The service is free and available to unemployed jobseekers in the Dublin South City Partnership area. We offer service-users the opportunity to identify suitable job vacancies or to access appropriate further training and education options.


The service is also available for:

• Dependant spouses of the unemployed
• People parenting alone
• Early school leavers
• Those seeking to return to work, experiencing discrimination or disadvantage

Services to Employers

Are you an employer looking for staff? Local Employment Services offer a free recruitment service to employers, advertising their vacancies to unemployed job-seekers in the DSCP area. 

We can offer:

  • a specialised understanding of the labour market to respond to your recruitment needs
  • an extensive client base of jobseekers living in the local areas
  • a free, professional, efficient and confidential service
  • pre-employment training for potential employees to meet your requirements
  • thorough pre-selection process with only suitably qualified candidates referred for job vacancies
  • advice on state funded initiatives and opportunities

For further information please contact:

Dublin 12 LES

Liz Walsh 01 4095082 or 087 60 887 82

or email Lizwalsh@d12les.ie


Scott Golden 01 4537229 or 086 4032495

or email sgolden@dscles.ie

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