Young People

Young People

A core element of the Dublin South City Partnership work is combating education disadvantage and promoting lifelong learning. We aim to assist young people who require extra support to become involved in and progress through education and lifelong learning opportunities.

The Step Up Programme developed by Dublin South City Partnership in 2017 is the umbrella programme for the majority of our supports for 16 – 24 year olds. The Programme has two main strands;

In School Supports

Each year we work with the DEIS schools in our area to develop programmes and interventions that target early school leaving and promote progression onto further education or training. Programmes have included;

  • Study Skills Seminars for Exam Level Students
  • Provision of online grinds for targeted 6th year students in collaboration with jumpAgrade
  • Lifecoaching Course for LCA students
  • One to one health and well-being programme for targeted secondary school students.
  • Information seminars for 6th year students

Out of School Supports

The Step Up Programme out of School programme targets those who are not engaged with mainstream education or training. The aim is to support these young people with their future career planning. Supports include;

  • One to one education and career advice
  • CV Supports
  • Supports to access DSCP targeted education and employment courses
  • Summer Employment Initiative for new secondary school graduates
  • Tricks of the Trade – Apprenticeship Maths Programme

Referrals can be made to the programme by individuals themselves, parents, schools, youth services, and any other relevant community organisations.

If you would like any further information on Step Up Programme and our work with young people please contact;

Úna Carson
086 143 8710

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